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The Globalrec Group, with its two subsidiaries: Comerrec Perfecto and Plasticos el Pla, is equipped with high technology, a high technical qualification of its human resources, and great know-how in the recycling sector.

Comerrec Perfecto’s activity is based on 3 fundamental aspects:

  • Recovery and Storage
  • Intermediation and purchase / sale of RNP’s
  • Comprehensive management of NHW’s

The activity of Plasticos el Pla focuses on:

  • The transformation of plastic materials to obtain recycled pellets and their distribution


In the Globalrec Group we are strongly committed to the change from a linear economy model to a Circular Economy model.
One of our main objectives is focused on environmental sustainability, for this and based on our own activity, we carry out recovery – recovery and recycling of Non-Hazardous Waste, thereby preserving natural resources and betting on greater use of these materials, trying in this way to reduce the environmental impact that humans are causing on the planet.
In our industrial process, once the waste has been received, we proceed to segregate it according to type, quality and degree of recovery, so that, based on these criteria, they can rejoin the production chain again, by marketing them to companies that they use for their industrial activity.


With all this we are achieving:

  • reduce the consumption of new raw materials
  • take advantage of waste that after recovery has been converted into resources
  • reincorporate to the productive cycle the wastes already valued
  • get reuse of many products
  • reduce waste generation

Since its inception the group has experienced constant growth and modernization, which has allowed it to position itself well, making it a benchmark in the recycling sector. Our mission and objective is to offer an excellent product and service, with an unbeatable quality adapted at all times to the needs of each client and sector.

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